I'm Kasra Khalili, 2x startup founder, community builder, and author.As an immigrant, I've seen the power of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is more than a business opportunity or way to make money, it’s a form of expression. I believe the collective success of this entrepreneur age will be determined by how much we helped those around us.My work has long been at the intersection of marketing, community, and operations. I'm passionate about building community-led growth, tapping into network effects, and authentic storytelling for startups.I'll share frequent learnings from my journey to help others overcome similar challenges!


My journey to tech has been nonlinear (immigrant > running restaurants > BA in occupational safety > quit to launch a tech startup > wrote a book > now in startups).I'm writing The Operators Guild, a bi-weekly newsletter to help the operators, whether you’re a founder, manager, or individual contributor, level up!I work as the Growth Strategy & Marketing Lead at Coho. My focus is maximizing our growth opportunities by working across marketing, internal comms, and admissions.Published my first book, Who We Know: The Power of Physical & Digital Networks in Our Lives, to help entrepreneurs and professionals understand how networks impact their outcomes, how to change it, and the value they bring to others.


Twitter is best for anything short and sweet. Please tweet @kasrakhalili and I'll respond when I can. I discourage DM's as it's hard to filter out spam/phishing.Email me with anything that requires more detail (or you don't want to send a public tweet) to kasra@hey.com. I typically reply to all emails within a couple of days.

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